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Orosz Erika


Stamp: Coffee Lover by Shaudnly Stamp - The World by shadowed-light-waves Insane Stamp by Shelly-oneechan


A few words about myself, I'm Era, 23, drawer and singer.
I live in Budapest, the Hungarian capital... I ended up here after an adventurous search of wheres and whys, roads alongside the curves of the compass.

My last year was a real mixture of travel, languages, parties, money and lack of money, icelandic parties, firweroks, planes and ice-cream carts, wine, beer, grapefruit saft and jolint-medicine.... and the clever pages of Brief history of time and Cesar Milan's books.

Seven jobs, three cities, two celebrities and one linear clircle of Earth around the Sun in the deformed time-space.

About my art:
I was always a fanatic of fanart.
Always had a weird field of drawing: I never copied, (not even Disney characters. That every child did... boriinng)
My first made-up drawing was made at 1992, when I was 11 months old. I still have that wooden cup-saucer that on I carved a smiling girl with skirts and long hair with a pencil. It's so old. :)

As a kid, I drew made-up adventures of me and my friends ( we were heroes), did role-playing (TV heroes) ... then, later I drew godnesses, Idols, zodiacs.

Finally I arrived to the adulthood, when I draw to fandom of media (rather literature): my world is the realistic style.

I am a manga (not anime) fan of Naruto and did love the Shamanking comics too. Maybe, the last one was kinda OK in anime. Maybe. (they left out kinda vital things, am I right?)
Slayers fandom: I am a fan of the novels and maybe the manga adaptations. Rare the the manga adaptation is so good. Nice job, classical. :)


I've been on DeviantArt for 7 years now. I was 15-16, when a Polish guy showed me this site and I registered.
I will probably never delete my account. :)

I was also really pleased to meet here the authors of a few things I support .....! Even if I could talk with them only for short, it was an outstanding event.

So, thank you for you too! To see my profile, I love you all!

Era Orosz

Most beautiful language: Stamp by erisama I love hungary stamp by deviantStamps Flag of European Union Stamp by xxstamps


Avril's Stamp by yumi95 Lindsey Stirling by HeartOfArendelle Pink Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Not The Dog's Fault Stamp by Soulful-Purple-Wolf [Stamp] Science by Creepiest Anti-Racism by Keykey
Two wrongs don't make a right by LiteraryCrescendo


Lina Inverse stamp 2 by Kaze-yo Slayers Stamp by extern-int Stamp: I Read Manga by Mahkohime

"I know, I'm a weirdo. But I was born to fight, to go, to fall far and this is what really counts for me today - nobody would have expected me to do what I have already done. Many thought many things, but the latest chapters of this life surely ended with suprises.
I love the route I walked till now. Lively, adventurous, sad, lonely but full of extraordinary experiments and luck! So many different people... oh the world dis just weird! And less sad and less lonely day by day... changing as the waves of the river.

But Tyche gave me a Fate like this... I'm starting to understand the shadow behind the lit and understand how beautidful these all are!

And guys! You should like or honor artists, at least a bit... None of them are normal :D Imagien how hard it is to survive when you are an idiot :D Darwin challenges us.

But the day when each person gets an easy path, art will die."


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I believe, szerelemem, that I dont collect them XD
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EraValkyrie Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Szia. A valkűr egy északi mitológiai lény, Odin harcosainak gyűlytóneve, nők, akik a csatában elhinyt harcosok lelkét felvezetik a Valhallába és ott szolgálják. Ha nem arcosok estek el, nem járt nekik valkűr, akkor egy nőt feláldoztak erre a célre az élőkközül ^^

 Nem ismerem, amit leírtál. De köszönöm a kérdést. 
Ad1er Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
igen, akkor az eredeti :D köszi az infót ^^
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 És sorry a hibás gépelésést, nem magyar a  billentyúzet
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